A Scientifically Validated Approach to Prevent Terrorism and Ensure U.S. Security and World Peace
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John Hagelin, Ph.D.

This Proposal to Prevent Terrorism is being presented to top leaders in government, leading philanthropists, and all peace-loving people across the country by Dr. John Hagelin, Director of the Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy, and an international team of scientists.

Click here to hear a new online audio presentation by Dr. Hagelin about the Proposal to Prevent Terrorism.


Terrorist reprisals are all but certain now that the U.S. has launched its military global campaign to eradicate terrorism. For this reason, this proposed solution to terrorism is especially urgent. Please read this carefully, and act decisively.

A Proven, Nonviolent Technology to Prevent Terrorism

Terrorism is the most critical issue facing our world today. To strengthen and augment our government’s current antiterrorism efforts, we urgently need a more fundamental approach that neutralizes the very basis of terrorism, preventing terrorist attacks before they begin.

This website offers a proven, practical technology for preventing terrorism that has been validated by more than 50 replications and 19 published research studies. This approach—known as the Invincible Defense Technology—calls for the establishment of a permanent group of 40,000 experts in “technologies of consciousness” to neutralize the acute ethnic and religious tensions that fuel violence and social conflict, effectively disarming terrorism at its basis. This approach is an essential component in any comprehensive approach to combating terrorism.

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